de-rezz: /dee�rez�/

[from ‘de-resolve’ via the movie Tron] (also derez)

1. vi. To disappear or dissolve; the image that goes with it is of an object breaking up into raster lines and static and then dissolving. Occasionally used of a person who seems to have suddenly ‘fuzzed out’ mentally rather than physically. Usage: extremely silly, also rare. This verb was actually invented as fictional hacker jargon, and adopted in a spirit of irony by real hackers years after the fact.

2. vt. The Macintosh resource decompiler. On a Macintosh, many program structures (including the code itself) are managed in small segments of the program file known as resources; Rez and DeRez are a pair of utilities for compiling and decompiling resource files. Thus, decompiling a resource is derezzing. Usage: very common.